Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Prof Badger Methods"

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Prof Badger Methods"

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Professional Badger Methods" video takes you to South Dakota and Nebraska to see the professional trapper target the badger. You learn his techniques when targeting this ornery animal. Not only will you see harvested animals, but you will also see the sub-par animals released. Lesel has mastered badger trapping techniques. You will definitely pick up some additional techniques and information from this video. Lesel has caught over 60 badgers during a season. Come along and see how he does it. 1 hour 35 min.

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Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Prof Badger Methods"

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  • On The Trapline with Lesel Reuwsaat Advanced Professional Badger Methods

    Head west to Nebraska and South Dakota with professional trapper Lesel Reuwsaat on his badger line and learn from a pro.
    Lesel continues in this DVD to show more of his proven trapping methods and techniques that help him put up huge numbers on his professional trapline with all new footage.
    You ...