Lesel Reuwsaat's "Skunk Methods & Fur Handling”

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Skunk Methods & Fur Handling”

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Skunk Methods & Fur Handling" video takes you along with Lee on his skunk line in South Dakota and Nebraska. This video shows skunk trapping methods along with how to handle skunks after the capture. The information gained will help add dollars to your fur shed.
The skunk is a highly valuable item in today's trapping industry. Don't miss out on this easy revenue. The detailed handling and skinning section is sure to add money to your bottom line.
Lesel has figured out a highly effective method of dispatching the skunk to make sure you harvest nearly all the essence. Watch the video and learn this simple dispatch method (no syringe needed). You are sure to capture additional revenue by watching this video. 1 hour.

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Lesel Reuwsaat's "Skunk Methods & Fur Handling”

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  • On The Trapline With Lesel Reuwsaat Skunk Methods and Fur Handling

    Head west to NE & SD with professional trapper Lesel Reuwsaat on his skunk line.
    This skunk DVD shows more of Lesel's proven trapping methods and techniques that help him put up huge numbers on his professional trapline with all new footage.
    You are following a professional line and learning...